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A world renowned Indonesian Polyester Manufacturing company that unceasingly sets new benchmarks in its field of business through developing and sustaining pristine & top of the line fabrics. PT. RANA GLOBAL produces world-class textiles that supply its products to local and international textile distributors & wholesalers. The company operates on a large scale in the global market, making 65 percent of its revenue through exporting its printed & dyed fabrics worldwide. Our teams of 500 workers are trained professionals in the field of textile and are continuously engaged in cultivating high product quality and consumer satisfaction as well as keep up with market demands and new market trends. PT. Rana Global produces fabrics that have the Trademark Brand: Megatex. The Brand Megatex was founded in the year 1989; Megatex was a fabric label that dealt in Textile trading in the local Indonesian market as well as in the International Textile markets. Since the early 90’s Megatex as a brand and label had its own set of designers and R&D department that created new and trendy designs and qualities, it used to place orders to different Textile manufactures across Indonesia on CMT bases in order to procure its fabrics. However as the Brand grew bigger and stronger locally as well as internationally, the forefathers of the Brand Megatex decided to set a manufacturing plant by the name of PT. Rana Global to obtain all its fabrics.


To Be a Globally Renowned Textile Manufacturer that delivers world-class fabrics.


In order to be global leaders in the polyester manufacturing sector, PT. Rana Global aims to set new benchmarks in terms of developing new fabric qualities. It spends a considerable amount of its resources on R&D and quality control to ensure that its fabrics remain of pristine quality and standard. Apart from focusing on premium fabric development, PT. Rana Global works tirelessly to uphold close ties and relationships with its wide customer base. It is through customer satisfaction and feedback that PT. Rana Global has been able to expand its operations and product range. Employee satisfaction and strong corporate governance is also amongst our core principles. Happy & engaged employees forms a sense of belonging and closeness in our company that has allowed us to work as one united unit and put forth exceptional textiles with whole-hearted services.

our specialization


Our Printing Division consists of European and Japanese Flat & Rotary Machines that can cater up to 12 screen print designs. 12 screen print designs allows for the production of a wide variety of complex designs that are more profound and sophisticated. Our team of professionals work hand in hand to deliver over a million meters of print fabrics monthly with utmost precision and detail.


Our Dyeing Division consists of Japanese Jumbo Jet dyeing machines and Rotary washers that can produce over a million meters of dyed fabrics monthly; Our comprehensive and integrated colour matching department can bring forth a wide range of colour pantones and pallets that results in a wide range of colour options for our fabrics.




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